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Add:IVB-2-2 Dayaowan Bonded Logistic Park, Dalian, Liaoning, China
Cold-storage Warehouse

       Our company has a cold-storage capacity of 45,000 tons of bonded cargo, can provide aquatic products, meat and fruit vegetables bonded cold storage service for the domestic and foreign aquatic products, fishing processing, import and export trading and refrigeration transportation enterprises.

       Our company’s cold-storage warehouse is located in Dalian Dayaowan bonded logistics park, near the Dayaowan port. The Dayaowan port is one of the international deepwater ports, and it will be able to accommodate DWT container ship and bulk carrier. Our company can provide customers both at home and abroad straight discharge port, the whole batch of warehousing, batch delivery and high quality perfect bonded refrigerated storage services, to ensure customer goods safety and quality.

       Our company use advanced cold storage temperature control technology and automatic electronic control system. By using the system, we can make the cold storage internal temperature directly display in the refrigerator outside screen, and can be more intuitive understanding of the cold storage internal temperature change, to ensure that the cold storage temperature constant.

       At the same time, our company provides 24-hour day and night service, with no holidays break, at any time can provide customers both at home and abroad services. Customers just need to offer goods related documents, the procedure and the goods storage requirements, no present, our company can according to customer requirements for the reasonable effective cold storage, and use the electronic monitoring and control system for the ins and outs of operation for the whole monitoring, packing of goods freezing effect and quality.